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What is the domed label?

Domed labels offer many advantages to your business. Below you can see some of these advantages.

Savora, Su Arıtma Makinesi Damla Etiket
All eyes on you!

Let your brand catch all eyes with flexible polyurethane material! A shiny label reflects your brand in quality.

Damla Etiket Boyut Etkisi
Add 3D View

It makes people touch the 3D stickers and connect with your brand! People who connect with the brand will always choose you.

Su geçirmez, paslanmaz ve çizilmeye, solmaya, güneşe dayanıklı damla etiketler
Extremely Durable
Domed labels are durable and heavy-duty labels. They are waterproof, rustproof and resistant to scratches, fading, salt, acid, oil, germs, chemicals and UV rays.
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Easy to Apply

Your domed labels come with adhesive already applied to the back side of the label. You just need to stick!

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Domed Label Example 2

Domed Labels Used Everywhere

Domed labels, also known as domed decals, epoxy labels, or 3D labels, are used in various applications for branding, product identification, and decoration. The key feature of domed labels is the clear, three-dimensional polyurethane resin coating that is applied to the surface. This coating not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides durability and protection.

How Does the Doming Process Work?

Domed labels consist of 5 layers. The polyurethane material starts as a liquid and is dispensed by automated equipment. The polyurethane flows towards the edge of the label, hardening into a transparent, slightly flexible material, giving it a 3D look and tactile feel.

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Perfect! These stickers are high grade professional quality. I used them to replace stickers on my boat and they work great.
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Do you have a question?
We have included our frequently asked questions below. Please contact us if we don’t have what you are looking for!
Why use resin domed labels?
Polyurethane labels offer a cost-effective solution to elevate your brand identity, transforming ordinary 2D labels into a sophisticated branding tool with our 3D domed labels and badges. Not only do they enhance the visual appeal of your products, but they also exhibit durability in challenging environments, thanks to the scratch-resistant coating provided by resin doming. In terms of printing, domed labels boast exceptional versatility. Whether it’s vibrant full-color photographs or a sleek brushed metallic appearance, we can effortlessly print any design in the quantity you require. These labels can be crafted in diverse shapes, provided the design incorporates curved corners to facilitate the smooth flow of resin. This flexibility extends to internal cutouts, commonly utilized in cosmetic retail display stands.
What shapes do you provide the stickers in?
We offer a diverse range of shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose any custom shape, provided that individual details are larger than 3mm, and the overall design avoids sharp corners to ensure proper resin flow.
What background options do you offer?
While our popular products are typically crafted on white vinyl as the standard, we provide a selection of background options for our resin domed stickers. These options include clear, metallic, matte, and high gloss.
Is the doming resin scratch-proof?
While we cannot guarantee complete scratch resistance, as nothing is entirely scratch-proof, the inherent nature of our doming process significantly enhances scratch resistance.
Is your doming resin mercury-free?
Certainly, all of our resin is mercury-free.
How thick is your domed resin coating?
The thickness of the resin can vary based on the type of resin and the size of the label. For our standard resin domed labels, the typical thickness is 1.5mm.
How do I need to provide my Artwork?

When designing, ensure a minimum of 3mm bleed, and convert any utilized typefaces to outlines. For square or rectangular designs, eliminate sharp corners and apply a radius of at least 1mm to facilitate proper resin doming. When submitting your design with the order, kindly use either PDF or EPS formats. While we do accept JPG files, it’s worth noting that this may impact the overall print quality.

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