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Domeable Shapes

Avoid Sharp Corners: It’s advisable to steer clear of sharp corners whenever possible. The dome encounters challenges when seamlessly merging into sharp points. If you need corners with a radius sharper than 0.1″, this can be accommodated but will involve additional charges.

Concave Corners: Generally, the minimum concave curve radius is 0.15” at a 90° angle in most situations. However, it’s important to note that the minimum radius may vary based on the dome’s volume and the angle, especially as the volume increases or the angle decreases.

Concave Corners

Minimum Part Thickness: Typically, 0.25” is the minimum part thickness. This is a good guideline to follow, but it is not an absolute rule. For example, narrow areas are acceptable on certain designs depending upon the volume of dome surrounding the narrow area and the length of the narrow area. Email an outline of your label to receive approval or recommendations.

Holes: Typically, 0.25” diameter holes can be domed on smaller parts. However, for holes around larger volumes of the dome, it may be necessary to use a larger diameter.

There are so many variables to consider in determining the domeability of a shape, that you are encouraged to email any scripted or unique shapes for us to review.